Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wet Hot American Summer

Yesterday was a blast! It was extremely hot and humid out, you couldn't step outside without starting to sweat. Lots of people really hate that kind of weather, but for one Saturday after one of the coldest summers in years I found it a fun change of pace. After our sleep over/ wii party at Lindsay's (who was house sitting our in the burbs) we headed over to Ken's mother's house for his sister's graduation party. Congrads to Ellie on graduating and winning a Fulbright to go to Germany! Quite the achievement! The weather was sweltering, but it was nice to eat food and sip cool drinks outside, even if it felt like a steam room with little sprinkles of rain here and there.

After going home and relaxing a bit we got ready to go over to the Pizza Luce block party in uptown. Even after the sun went down it was still hot and muggy out, and then the tornado sirens went off. We decided to still brave it and headed over to uptown for some pizza, beer and music. We met up with Chrissy, Naomi and some others and had tons of fun but by the end of it everybody was hot and worn out, so we drove over to the lake, stripped down and jumped it. An excellent, refreshing end to a hot summer day.

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