Wednesday, August 26, 2009

3oh 3 Roadtrip

I went up North for a long weekend to visit my friend Paul. We had a blast going out to eat, hanging out at the lake and staying up late to sauna, night swim and watch movies. I did forget however that the horrible stretch of road earned its name in part by the lack of good radio available. Somehow I forgot both CDs and my ipod and got stuck with crap for about an hour. So for the way home I bought the 3Oh3 CD

I think the CD is a lot of filthy fun! They're sort of a weird mix of rock and rap, but not in an irritating Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit way (man, even spelling their names is irritating). They have sort of tongue in cheek lyrics about drinking, womanizing and picking fights. The beats are great, really good music to work out to or listen to in the car with your windows rolled down. My personal favorite track is Chokechain, and of course we can't forget their breakout hit Don't Trust Me. But true ME this Colorado duo is worth looking in to, and now has been nominated for the VMAs to boot. And also, Sean Foreman is a total hipster crush object.

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