Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pretty Little Liars and Hot in Cleveland

So last night my episode of Hot in Cleveland aired and it is pretty funny. You can watch it online here on hulu. I show about about 3 minutes into it. I just remember what a fun day that was!!!

And Monday was the return of Pretty Little Liars, one of my favorite shows that I was thrilled to be on the season premier of. I am shown for just a second in the beginning. Watch the episode here. Well, actually don't watch it if you've never seen the show because it is seriously good and jumping in at the start of season 2 would be a huge mistake go buy or rent season 1 on DVD hahaha.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Audition and Pride

Well, yesterday I had an audition to go to in the early afternoon. It is for a short film called "Exit the Friend Zone" and I am trying out for the lead character's best friend. The audition process was a bit odd, they had me fill out an employment application for the production company and they had some people and scheduled times and others were just told to show up between 2 and 6. I got there right at 2 and ended up waiting around for about 45 minutes. The audition was held in an industrial part of town that I wasn't very familiar with so that was strange. But once I actually got in with the director everything went pretty well, I think I was funny and would be good for the part.

After that I met up with my friend Mitchel and we went out for Pride. We didn't pay to go into the festival (it is like $25 WTF, Minneapolis was always free to get into). Instead we went to The Abby and then St. Felix for some cocktails and burgers. All and all it was a pretty fun day!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Too much fun in the sun

So yesterday I went all the way down to Huntington Beach, which is about 40 miles from my place (I feel so much worse for those who came from the valley because it was even further for them). It was to film a Pepsi commercial. We weren't actually on the beach we were at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort out by the pool. Which, admittedly is a pretty fantastic place to spend your work day. However, that being said there were a few drawbacks.

I had to get up at 5 in order to get ready and be there on time, but since this was a huge call when I got there it was pretty much just 3 plus hours of waiting around doing nothing. And then we went to the set and had a few rehearsals and then broke for lunch. After lunch it was pretty much just being in the sun and dancing ALL DAY...we're talking like 7 hours straight of this. It wasn't horrible because my friend Breanne was there so I mostly just talked with her, but it got really exhausting. I was pleased that one of the assistant directors asked me if I was a music video back-up dancer, and one of the featured extras came up and told me she thought I was really good at dancing too! But unfortunately it didn't get me bumped up at all LOL maybe next time.