Saturday, August 29, 2009

Labor of Lohan

The other day I hung out with my good friend Lindsay and we commiserated about the loss of status of our once beloved Lindsay Lohan. We were both huge Mean Girls fans and are both major gossip whores so we've followed Lohan's downard spiral for years. We decided the best thing to do was open a bottle of wine and rent Labor Pains now out on DVD. Check out the trailer and my review below:

Labor Pains lead by falling star Lindsay Lohan has had a rough go of it. After initial hopes of a theatrical release the movie was sold off to cable and premiered on ABC Family before limping its way to DVD. The comedy follows the attempts of Thea played by Lohan, to fake a pregnancy in order to keep her job as a personal assistant in a publishing firm.

The movie is an occasionally charming mess. To further beat the pregnancy theme home the biggest subplot involves Thea being promoted to editor of a book on pregnancy. There is also romantic intrigue as Thea begins to fall for her too good looking to be wearing those glasses boss Nick Steinwald played by Luke Kirby. It was rather apparent that director Lara Shapiro and co-writer Stacey Kramer know little to nothing about pregnancy, publishing or office politics. The attempts to fake a pregnancy are laughable as is the complete lack of believability to any of the publishing and office plots.

While many people would be quick to fault Lohan, because of far too well known personal struggles, she herself is the highlight of the movie. It really does speak to her natural talents that she is able somewhat rise above this terrible material. The only other person in the movie who isn’t complete sunk by the wooden dialogue is Cheryl Heins of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame.

The movie is predictable from start to finish, but it isn’t completely devoid of entertainment value. If you’re one of Lohan’s few remaining fans who have been waiting form something this will likely suffice for now. Labor Pains is a simple and basic film, it is funny, sometime even intentionally.

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