Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make it work, on Lifetime

So Project Runway is FINALLY back after all of it's behind the scenes drama. I can't even remember the last time the show was on and I had cable, I am extremely excited to watch this new season, check out the promo clip:

The first episode was amazing! The new designers seem to have some interesting characters among them, but I don't have a favorite yet. I always like to watch a few episodes before I pick my pony. Tonight's challenge was to make a red carpet look and best of all was special guest star Lindsay Lohan!!!!! I still loves me some Lohan, even if she has gone off the deep end.

Ari was the first kicked off and I think that I am somewhat disappointed by that. I kind of liked her Samantha Ronson looks and crazy M.I.A. designs. I am also looking forward to seeing the new series Models Of the Runway (though I'd have gone with Modes off the Runway). I've always loved models and modeling shows and one to go along with Project Runway has got to be fun.

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