Saturday, April 16, 2011

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

So, I have hardly been working at all lately and am starting to look for part time jobs. I know that it is summer hiatus for most TV shows so there is less work to go around, but still I think Cut Above should be finding more work than they are. I finally got booked on a commercial for today that paid much better than average. The call time was early in the morning so I packed all my stuff the night before, made a lunch because lots of commercial sets don't feed you and got to bed early.

In the morning I forgot to bring my bag that had all my extra shirts in it, but I did remember the bag that had my extra shoes, scarf, hat and changes of pants. I realized my mistake as soon as I got there (I was there 35 minutes early) and offered to drive home and get the stuff, the assistant director said not to worry about it. But the wardrobe lady flipped out at me about it, and told me off when we were showing her our options. She then made me change into a pair of mesh shorts and a tank top (pretty much everybody else was in jeans and hoodies, which I was wearing when I showed up). While I was changing she was very loudly complaining about me to the other wardrobe people.

The shoot itself was really quick and we were done in just under 3 hours, even though we were getting paid $150 so it was kinda OK overall. But when I got home I received an e-mail saying that the casting directory had gotten two phone calls from production and one from wardrobe because I didn't bring extra changes of clothes. That really made me mad because that wardrobe lady must have complained so much that other people called about it and then she still called about it herself, what a bitch.

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