Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

So my call in service allows us to call and have them submit us for jobs that Central Casting is working on, which is great because it saves the trouble of having to call their line a million times to try and get through. It also is good because it lets you have a bit more control over what projects that you work on. Using that system I was able to get to work on one of my current favorite shows, Pretty Little Liars.

The bonus of this was that it films on the Warner Brothers lot, which I had yet to get on. I was really excited about this, because I was a huge WB fan back that what was a network and Warner also produces some of my all time favorite TV/Movies like Batman (movies and cartoons) and of course the Animaniacs, who famously lived in that tower!

The shoot itself wasn't the greatest because it was a night shoot, so that is always cold and we didn't work long enough to get overtime but oh well. I got to have a little part in a show I love! Also, it is filmed on the same sets as Gilmore Girls which I used to watch all the time with Chrissy in college, kinda funny how they use the same little fake small town over again. I eventually got done about 2:30 in the morning, so I went home and went to bed and then slept in about half the day.

Tonight was our weekly house dinner, Suzanne made fried rice, which I helped to season...but I might have to take some time and teach her my signature recipe for it, cause not to brag but she ain't got nothin on me LOL

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