Friday, April 29, 2011

Griffins and Tigers and Extras Oh my!

So I got a job through Virgo Talent, which was good I was starting to wonder if I had made a mistake in registering with them because it had been about 6 weeks. Anyways the job paid pretty well and it was to do background for a commercial. Much to my surprise and delight the e-mail with our instructions said, "There will be a tiger on set".

As it turns out it was a commercial for the video game Rage and the commercial is starring Blake Griffin as he tries to get himself into the game. Among other things he dunks over a tiger. I got to be outside for the scene where he is in a motion capture suit and knocks over a bunch of mannequins and so because I was already outside for that I wasn't in the group that got to work with the tiger. I was kinda bummed about that, but according to the others they hardly got to go near it, I did get to see it from inside out holding area and I snapped a picture.

I also was in some office scenes sitting at a desk while the leads were talking, then I was crowded around a window, I drove by Blake holding a sign in my car and I got to walk with another girl while Blake is shaving outside and chases us into the office building. So when that commercial comes out I should probably be pretty easy to spot!

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