Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Awful, uplifting EDM

It's Tuesday so all sorts of new music comes out and I had the distinct misfortune of hearing "Stay The Night" the new song by musical terrorists Zedd featuring the reliably tone-deaf Haley Williams of the imitation Avril Lavigne band Paramore.  I hope that this terrible moment in music history has now reached it's nadir and we can give the top 40 back to pop, rock and R&B and return EDM to clubs and festivals where it belongs and give the inspirational, uplifting bullshit back to whatever adult contemporary charts it crawled out from under.   If you think I'm being hyperbolic about how bad this is try and make it all the way through this video:

I know, right?  It's like when two awful things come together to make something more wretched than the sum of their terrible parts.  But is it really the worst of the worst?  check out my rankings below of the most ubiquitous inspirational EDM songs of the moment.  

5) 'Safe and Sound' by Capital Cities  -  This one barely qualifies to be honest, it is actually a really fun song and had it come out any other year I probably wouldn't mind it one big.  But unfortunately we're sometimes judged by the company we keep so taken within the context of everything else out there right now I gotta fault them a little. 

4)  'Wake Me Up' by Avicci -   This one is fraustrating because I think it would actually work just fine as blues song without all the dance crap mucking it up.  The vocals Aloe Blacc are really good, despite the middle school diary poetry of the lyrics and the guitar part by Mike Einziger of Incubus is really strong.  The electronic production by Avicci does nothing by take away from what could have been a great accustic song.

3)  'Stay the Night' by Zedd - Now we are in the real dregs, I honestly just can't even bring myself to listen to it again to pick out specific things to complain about. 

2)  ' Don't You Worry Child' by Swedish House Mafia featuring John Martin -  I mean wow the nauseating delivery of such moronic lyrics are just baffling to me.  Who exactly is this crap appealing to?  If I want to listen to uplifting garbage about heaven I can tune to a Christian rock station and find a less irritating version of this.  And if I want to dance I certainly don't want to do so to a song about tearful father/son discussions.

1)  'Clarity' by Zedd featuring Foxes  - This song is worse than nails on a chalkboard and the lyrics make me wish I never learned to read.  The delivery of the vocals is so whiny and grating, the production on the rest of the song so very thin and lacking.  I think I would lose a litter respect for anybody that admitted to actually liking this audial abomination. 

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  1. This song by Zedd and Haley W. isnt that bad. Though I dont like "Wake me up" too. Its too common and there is nothing special about it.