Monday, September 30, 2013

Nobody Doesn't Like Katy Perry


      Katy Perry covers the new issue of  billboard magazine (sidebar, non-capitalized titles are so awkward it's like billboard thinks it is the e.e. cummings or bell hooks of music publications) as well she should since she has now tied Rihanna  as the artist with the most #1 pop songs tally thanks to the success of her new hit 'Roar'.  And in that once sentence I pretty much summed up most of what is wrong with the music industry.  Not that Katy Perry doesn't deserve to be hugely successful; of course she does, she makes very enjoyable pop music that all good natured people enjoy listening to in their cars.   But my issue with it is the simple fact that somehow a "pop songs tally" even exists and even more baffling that Rihanna and Katy Perry have now tied for the most number ones on it.   I guess the fact that Mariah Carey release a 17 track album of all number one hits, creatively titled 'Number 1's', in 1998 means nothing.  Nor the fact that Elvis freaking Presley has had 30 number one hits.  It is a reflection of the poor state of the music industry that they must invent new charts and recalculate the old ones to create the illusion that Katy, Rihanna even Queen Bey herself come close to the global domination of somebody like Madonna.

     Have you ever tried to research and find out how many copies of an album an artist as sold?  It is nearly impossible, countries are listed differently, digital sales separately the definition of platinum changes over time and location.  The only fact we can take away from this is that Katy Perry's music is currently more popular that most people and I'm pretty OK with that.  At the end of the day Katy Perry manages to make music that is likable without the need for many objections of qualifications.  I loved Gaga for a long time, but lately I find myself unable to say so without an explanation.  Britney still pumps out some of the best pop music in the industry but it is hard to fully embrace a sexy pop-star who can't own a smart phone or sign her own checks.  With Katy Perry you never get the sense that somebody else is pulling all the strings like with Britney or Rihanna and she never went though a jailbait phase either.  She was a grown-ass woman with some moxy and the sort of not-great voice that anybody can sing along with.  She makes music with major mass appeal, sometimes that can mean it is a bit generic but there is still just enough sense of whimsy to set it apart from the crowd.  I can understand Katy Perry not being your thing, but anybody who straight up says they hate her is going to be met with the same side-eye Chandler Big gets for not liking dogs. 

    If you want to read more, especially her gushing about her douche-tastic boyfriend John Mayer head over to billboard to read it.   And also, be sure to jump down to the comments section there to read some hilarious debating about who the true queen of pop is. (Hint, it's always Madonna). 


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