Monday, September 9, 2013

Wrecking Ball, indeed

Now that some of the noise surrounding her "controversial" (read: crappy) performance at the VMA's has died down a bit Miley Cyrus is out to shock us again.  She just released her new Terry Richardson (gag) directed video for 'Wrecking Ball'.  The video is unfortunately so desperate to provoke that it doesn't really seem to have anything to say.  And that's too bad because this is one of her better songs and definitely the first I've ever heard from her that completely disguises her vocal failings.  As catching as 'Party in the USA' and 'We Can't Stop' are they are noticeably lacking in the vocal department, whereas 'Wrecking Ball" actually works with the voice she has.  (Which makes sense as it was actually written for her and not something Jessie J or Rhianna turned down like 'Party' and 'Can't Stop', respectively).

I have never been a fan of Miley Cyrus. It generally bothered me how bratty and uncouth she seemed in comparison to contemporaries like Selena Gomez or her predecessors like Britney before ALL THE EVIL happened.  Then, last year, I found myself inexplicably liking her when she wasn't really doing anything but being young, rich, famous and going on vacations with her hot ass boyfriend and his big brother Thor.  It was a great counterpoint to all the 'woe is me' whining of people like Kristen Stewart who act as if having millions of dollars and millions of fans is a burden.  She really seemed to be enjoying what she was blessed with and I was actually happy for her, it seemed like she had actually found an escape route from the former child star curses.   And then she started twerking, and leaking tracks and it all seemed to be filled with so much TRY.

So, here is her video directed by a pervert that starts off as a nice modern update of Sinead's classic 'Nothing Compares 2U'  (you guys, Prince was using text speak before texting...he is a witch!) and degenerates into a softcore porn update of Apple's classic "Smashing shit with a hammer in a white tank top" commercial.   I'm not offended by nudity or sexy videos, I'm a pretty big fan of both when there is some rhyme or reason behind it.  In this case it is pretty clear we're just supposed to be shocked that yet another former Disney starlet is sexing up her imagine and it all just feels a little played out.

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