Thursday, May 5, 2011

You Win Some and You Loose Some

I had my first audition today, but it didn't go very well. It was for the lead in a short film, I got the audition through LA Casting. When you get an audition they give you "sides" which are the parts of the script they want you to practice for the audition. The sides for this part were REALLY long, but only sporadic pieces of monologue here and there, it was really difficult to practice for. Anyways when I got there they had changed a few words around and it completely messed me up and I got flustered and really blew it. Oh well, it was only for a short film and it didn't pay very much so it isn't a huge loss and at least it was a new experience.

Some better news is that I found a part-time job. I am doing non-profit fundraising over the phone. I didn't want to work in a call center again but this job is very flexible with the hours. I can pretty much just work weekends and that will leave Monday-Friday available to do background work and auditions (hopefully future auditions will go better)

I am doing audience work tonight on the Hells Kitchen finale, it was the first paying gig I've gotten from LA Casting so at least the services of the site are starting to pay for themselves!

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