Saturday, July 18, 2009

No Doubt Pictures

So No Doubt performed at the Xcel Center in Saint Paul on 7/5 and I was lucky enough to get some floor tickets and snapped some great pictures I've been dying to share!!!!!

I love Gwen as a solo artist, don't get me wrong, but I much prefer her with the band and it was wonderful to see them all back together after so many years without touring together.

Paramore (does their label not have spellcheck?) was one of the opening acts, and while their flame haired singer is irritating as all get out she did kinda help the band rock their final number, "Stand and Deliver"

Adrian Young is always my fav because the boy just loves to be naked as much as possible as much of the time as he can

Even after all these years, it still has to be somewhat awkward to play bass for a band where about 1/2 the songs are about that time you dumped your girlfriend 15 years ago


Rock Steady!! Also, this is like my only pic of Tom

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