Tuesday, March 29, 2011


so I worked on Glee! today and I was really excited about it because I love that show. It was for one of the musical numbers which means LONG hours, but luckily I was booked through my call in service so I knew a few others on set and that makes the time pass quicker. But still, all that singing and dancing takes A LOT of takes, it is so thrilling and fun the first few times and then comes the acting challenge of maintaining you good cheer and happy face as long as they need you too. I actually even volunteered to stay a bit later than some, because I'd rather make some extra over-time than sit in rush hour traffic in LA

I had to push a stroller around all day and just couldn't get over of fascinated people were by it. Other extra, random people who happened to be at our location even a certain mohawked cast member were interested in it LOL. No idea why, it was just a stroller with a doll in it haha

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